ejabberd-ircd is a module for ejabberd that makes it possible to log in to an XMPP server with an IRC client. Only MUC is supported; the roster is not used for anything, and no non-MUC features are implemented.


The code can be found on Github. At the moment I'm not very active with development, so it might be worthwhile to check out the forks as well. There is also a copy in the ircd directory of ejabberd-modules.

Please note that there are two branches: the master branch is for ejabberd 2.1.0 and up, and the 2.0.x branch is for ejabberd 2.0.x.

Tested clients

Contribute your experience to this list.

Tested and works correctly:

  • ChatZilla 0.9.81
  • Irssi 0.8.12
  • Kopete 0.12.7
  • KVirc 3.2.4
  • XChat 2.8.4
  • XChat-gnome 0.18
  • bitchx
  • rcirc

Tested and works with small issues:

  • Opera 9.26. Shows this message every second in the chat window: Unknown command or arity: LIST/0
  • Pidgin 2.4.0. Shows an error window at login: Mensaje desconocido ':Unknown'

Implemented commands

See also Wikipedia's list of IRC commands and RFC 1459.

  • PASS
  • NICK (only first NICK command accepted; nick changing is not implemented)
  • USER
  • JOIN
  • PART
  • PING
  • QUIT

MODE is "implemented", but doesn't do anything useful. NAMES and LIST would probably be useful.